Payments and Returns

Secure Payment Options

All payments made on Jagannath Frames are completely secure. You can pay using a credit card (Indian or international), bank transfer or via a pay wallet. We have partnerships with reputed payment gateway firms to ensure complete security for your transactions.

Our Return Policy

We ensure our clients are 100% sure of their choices before making a purchase, by speaking to them and providing detailed information about the piece(s). We also guarantee that the piece will look exactly like the pictures and videos shared with you. Since our collection comprises mostly of unique pieces, and shipping is complex because the items are fragile or heavy, we do not entertain returns.

However, in the highly unlikely event that an item is delivered to you in damaged condition, we will make things right by finding an acceptable solution. This may include repair, exchange, or in some cases, return of the product.
We are proud to say that since inception, we have not had a single client disappointed with their purchase, and have had no requests for return.