All you have to do is check the list of Jagannath frame’s professional clients to see that the best of the best use Jagannath frame. Time and again they’ve told us the decision was easy. Here’s a wholesale list of the Jagannath frame advantages they found.

  • Nobody beats our prices & quality. Nobody. If you compare apples to apples, you’ll find the best price at Jagannath frame every time. And we back it up with low price & quality guarantee!
  • Aside from unbeatable prices, nothing is more important to the professional trade than service. Service is Jagannath frame’s hallmark. Wholesale contractors’ service is a hollow promise or non-existent.
  • Jagannath frames for world-class museums. For example we’ve framed many of the permanent collection pieces for the Bhubaneswar Museum of Art. Now anybody who knows anything about museums knows they want unbelievable quality and craftsmanship at unbelievable prices. That’s what they get from Jagannath frame. Real museum quality and craftsmanship custom framing at contractor prices… and you can’t get that from anybody else! Wholesale framers offer contractor quality at contractor prices. The difference is night and day.
  • Our turnaround is faster. Our average is two days, even less on small jobs. Wholesale contractors average seven days.
  • At Jagannath frame, professional designers help create the best possible design solution for you. After all, what your piece looks like is everything.
  • We’re more convenient. No matter where you or your client live or work in the greater orissa area, you’ll find a local Jagannath frame ready to serve you. Not so with a contract framer.
  • No contract framer matches our selection. We have over 300 to 400 mouldings to choose from. No contract framer even comes close.
  • We’ve been doing this for over 15 years. Today we do more wholesale business with the professional trade than any other framer.

So take advantage of our advantages. Give us a call today or come into one of our 4 showrooms. Sign up for our Elite Professional Trade Program and make us part of your team. We promise we’ll make you look awfully good!