650 mm X 25 mtr (25.5 ” x 82 ft)


This is our most popular pressure sensitive mounting film. It works well with all kinds of laminators and can even be applied by hand for specialist jobs. The product itself is formed from a clear central carrier film, which is coated on both sides with a very strong adhesive. Each adhesive layer is then protected by a grid-marked carrier paper. The two separate release liners mean that this adhesive can be rolled out on the work bench and simply cut to the correct size for each mounting job. O-cuts of material need not be wasted, but used for smaller jobs later. This product is suitable for all kinds of artwork from plain paper and posters to inkjet and photographic media. Due to its strength and flexibility it also works well with plastic based media and textured art papers. Double-sided mount film works well with all kinds of mounting substrates, from white display board and foam centred boards to MDF and rigid plastic boards.