The ASTRA 120/150 allows you to cut paper mount board of dierent thickness up to 3.5mm
To assist the operator in setting the stop and in cutting, the machine is supplied with zero setting stops with an easy to use blade holder.
The cutting head slides on 4 ball-bearing which glide on 2 steel tracks which are cleaned by 4 small brushes placed beneath it.
The measuring stops are simply adjusted and allow precision cuts on all 4 sides of the mat-board therefore reducing over- cuts & under-cuts.
The aluminium square is always in perfect alignment and ensures an accurate cut from top to bottom.
The blade holder rotates ( 45° and 90° ) turning on 2 ball bearings each. This easy movement reduces operator fatigue while cutting.
By utilizing magnets the cut is quicker and more precise. This will allow you to increase your production rates.
The blade holder is manufactured using high precision technology. It allows you to easily alter the blade depth and ensures a perfectly straight cut at all times.
The right side extension arm allows cuts of up to 120 cm ( 48”) and is quick and simple to insert.
Changing the blade is very simple.
One Blade can cut 60-90 mats depending on the quality of the board being used.
Standard premium blades for all Valiani Mat Cutters (100 pcs. per pkt.)
Valiani blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge.