The Mat Pro – i is a durable and proven pneumatic mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility and value. Without the added complexity of computers, software, or electronics – and at a fraction of the cost.
The Mat Pro – i now accepts its own interchangeable cutting heads, the first and only non-computerized machine to offer optional 45-degree bevel and 90- degree Straight cutting, as well as embossing head options.
With the Mat Pro – i, the pneumatic clamps hold the mat board rmly in place while you rotate the head – so you no longer have to rotate the mat board in order to cut openings.
V-Groove cutting is extremely easy and consistent. Virtually any 90-degree corner design can be done; steps, osets, inlays, open V-grooves, reverse-bevels – all with a degree of speed and accuracy that is simply not possible with a table-top manual mat cutter.
Upright operation on the sturdy steel floorstand eliminates bending over a work table, while a smooth counterbalance mechanism and ergonomic handles reduce physical effort.

End Trimmer- MAT PRO – i120

End Trimmer- MAT PRO – i150

Optional end trimmers are available for both
the Mat Pro-i 120 and the Mat Pro- i 150
The MatPro end trimmer provides the ability to square and size matboard on one machine.
This accessory will cut all matboard and foamboard materials up to an 5mm (3/16”) thickness.

Valiani Mat Pro i 120 Valiani Mat Pro i 150

Working area 1200 x 800 mm 1500 x 1000 mm

( 48’’ x 32’’ ) ( 60’’ x 40’’ )

Overall 1800 x 1570 x 600 mm 1950 x 1900 x 600mm

dimension(LxBxH) ( 71’’ x 62’’ x 24’’ ) ( 76’’ x 75’’ x 24’’ )

Weight(approx) 100 kgs ( 220 lbs ) 120 kgs ( 265 lbs )

Pneumatics 6 bar ( 90 psi ) 6 bar ( 90 psi )