The New U600 MINIGRAF MP Multi-Chan nel is the evolution of our standard Memory Program Machine, it has the same ease of use, speed, and precision of assembly.
The Multichannel version has ve different nail magazines containing v-nails of different heights, 5mm, 7mm,10mm,12mm, and 15mm. In the same working cycle, the operator can insert and/or stack dierent v-nail heights in several different positions.
The Memory Program technology is ”State of the Art” allowing you to store unlimited different programs & can also be downloaded to the machine by using a PC.
Once this information is stored, the operator then selects the next frame to be used, either by using the keypad or with the optional Bar-code scanner.
The machine automatically adjusts itself and production can restart immediately. The Memory Program Multichannel does not have an equal in terms of ease of use, programming, or rapid assembly of your products (it takes 1 second to insert 2 nails in two different positions at a distance of 3 centimeters between the nail positions).
Frames thickness min – max 5mm to 80mm
Frame width min – max 6-105 mm
Max dist. Among v-nails 145 mm
Storage capacity n. 220 x 5
Pneumatic feed 6÷7 bar
Air consumption 5 bar
V-nails size 5-7-10-12-15 mm
Weight about 150,00 kg
Working bench height 960 mm
Overall dimensions 770x770x1500 mm