Framers Corner Manual Tab Guns (T 225)



The T225 tab Gun is the latest upgrade to one of the world’s best selling Manual Tab Guns, with proven reliability at a great price.

Magazine Feed
Light Weight Yet Strong Build
Ideal for Picture Framing or Window Glazing
Works with any Backing Material
Used by Hobby or Professional Framers
Use Flexible or Rigid Tabs

This hand operated tool is used to insert flat tabs which neatly secure glass, artwork and backing board into a picture frame. Choose from either flexible or rigid tabs – the flexible tab can be bent up (just using a finger nail) so that the contents of the frame can be easily changed or taken out for cleaning. The rigid tabs are made from a stronger steel and can be used for a more permanent fixing.

Tabs are not included with the driver, please order separately.

Tab Size is 0.4mm x 4.3mm x 15mm