Pneumatic Mat Cutter – Wizard

Pneumatic Mat Cutter

Be more consistent and efficient
Cut or score a wide array of substrate materials
Reduce fatigue with easy-to-use system

With just the push of a button, you can easily cut a variety of materials, including:
Matboard • Cardboard • Gatorboard
Foamboard • PVC Foamboard • Corrugated Plastic
Polystyrene • Glass • Acrylic • Polycarbonate

• Cutting and clamping mechanisms operate on standard compressed air
• Two-speed settings
• Proprietary glass scoring for consistent quality breaks
• Quick-change cartridge for easy blade changes
• Imperial and metric rulers included
• Wall-mount or floor stand options
• 2-year warranty on parts
• PMC 165 for 65” (165 cm) vertical cutting capacity

PMC 165
Height: 65″ (165 cm) vertical cutting capacity

PMC with floor stand: 75”L x 49”W x 102”H
PMC with wall mount: 75”L x 20”W x 102”H

Compressed air required, 2.5 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet/Min) at 100 PSI