Biedermann Hot Vacuum Presses



Description :-

The vacuum technology provides an even pressure on the whole operation area. By withdrawing air and humidity there are almost no air inclusions or bubbles when mounting and laminating. Silent and efficient vacuum pumps provide the vacuum within seconds and guarantee the requested first-class quality results.

Thickness equalizing system

It avoids the sagging of the elastic silicone mat especially in larger presses and also avoids wrinkles when mounting and laminating.

The advantage of the thickness equalizing system: The silicone mat lies flat on a springy board which a u to m a t i ca l l yequalizes the differences in thickness of the various mounting substrates and presses the pictures to be mounted evenly against the platen. Also the air volume in the press is reduced to a minimum and the required vacuum builds up very fast.

Electronic control
Operating temperature and time are electronically controlled.
Clear digital displays for temperature, time and vacuum make it easy to handle and control the operating process. Two essential features to save time and make operating easy.

Safety first

ProfiLine hot vacuum presses are manufactured according to the CE safety requirements. Furthermore all hot vacuum presses are equipped with safety thermostats which immediately switch off the heater in case of trouble. The ProfiLine hot vacuum presses meet all requirements of a professional use.

The powerful heating

A powerful heating provides an evenly spread, constant temperature within the heating plate. The aluminium heating plate suited to size and thickness has an excellent thermal diffusivity and an optimal temperature storage. An advantage that saves energy because of the small decrease of temperature and
the good insulation.

Technical Specification
Model BVP 5E
Working Size 100X130cm
Outer Size 115X150cm
Voltage 230/400v
Power 3.2 KW

Guarantor for best results in mounting and laminating