Nobex Octo is available in three sizes:
Nobex Octo 200mm
Nobex Octo 300mm
Nobex Octo 400mm

NOBEX … the most accurate the true square for professional pockets. Nobex Octo is developed in close co-operation with tradesmen, joiners, woodworker, framers.Our aim as to nd a square that would suit every user. It ended with a fold able square with eight preset positions, easy to open and close and perfect for carpenters belts and any pocket..
The 45 mm wide blade is made from a stainless ground spring steel, and the double sided scale is deeply etched into the metal.
The handle is an extruded, gold anodized, aluminium prole with an extremely durable surface.
The mechanism, which is hidden in the handle, is tested to in excess of 50,000 complete folding cycles without losing the unique close tolerance